Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Macey's Grocery Store Case Lot Sale Update

I stopped by Macey's grocery store in Ogden, UT today and I talked with a very helpful manager. His store is already selling the Case Lot Products, even though the sale starts next Wednesday. I think my eyes popped out when I walked into the store because it's much bigger than the Clearfield store, and there were cases everywhere. I always like to think carefully about my purchases before I buy because 1) just because it says Case Lot doesn't always mean it is the lowest price, and 2) I want to look at my inventory at home to see what I really need or want so I don't impulse buy. Don't get me wrong, there are some GREAT deals. In Ogden they allow you to break a case if you don't want the whole thing and will still give you the case lot price!!! He said they know that some of the seniors don't want a whole case. The labels on the cases were great because they showed the Case Lot AND eaches prices. He was kind enough to give me the store ad since I was writing everything down by hand and would be posting prices. He said you can email them an order, and they will get it ready for you, but the price list is not on the website yet.
These are some of the best buys from Macey's Case Lot Sale ad. Can't post them all. See if other stores in your area are having case lot sales. Those items highlighted in red beat Sam's Club price.
Water: WF bottled water, 16.9 oz. - $2.99 24ct., .12 ea.
5 gallon water storage containers $3.99 (n/a)
Non-Perishable Food:
WF chili - $21.12 24 ct., .88 ea.
WF vegetables - $14.16 24 ct., .59 ea.
WF 29/30 oz. fruits - $15.00 12 ct., $1.25 ea. (n/a) Dick's market has these for .99
WF tomato/noodle soups - $11.28 24 ct., .47 ea.
Campbell's cream of mush/chick soup - $18.00 24 ct., .75 ea.
Progresso soup - $13.20 12 ct., $1.10 ea.
WF tomatoes - $14.16 ct., .59 ea.
WF 8 oz. tomato sauce - $12.00 48 ct., .25 ea. (n/a)
WF tuna - $32.64 48 ct., .68 ea.
WF refried beans - $16.56 24 ct., .69 ea.
WF beans, etc - $14.16 24 ct., .59 ea. (n/a)
Salad or Mayo dressing - $24.00 12 ct., $2.00 ea. (n/a)
WF macaroni & cheese - $8.00 24 ct., .33 ea.
WF peanut butter - $22.02 6 ct., $3.67 ea.
WF grape jelly - $20.00 12 ct., $1.67
WF 128 oz. pancake syrup - $22.68 4 ct., $5.67 ea.
WF 24 oz. ketchup - $10.68 12 ct., .89 ea.
WF 5 lb. honey - $65.94 6 ct., $10.99 ea.
WF 25 lb. sugar - $11.49 ea.
Spaghettios/Spaghetti - $12.00 24 ct., .50 ea. (n/a)
WF 26 oz. salt (iodized) - $10.08 24 ct., .42 ea. (n/a)
WF 42 oz. old fashioned oatmeal - $21.48 12 ct., $1.79 ea. (n/a)
WF cake mixes - $9.96 12 ct., .83 ea. (n/a)
WF 12 oz. evaporated milk - $18.00 24 ct., .75 ea.
Other Items You May Wish to Purchase:
#10 MM Dry Milk - $8.88
#10 MM Powdered Eggs - $18.99
#10 MM Powdered Butter - $15.99
#10 MM Powedered Margarine or Shortening - $10.99
#10 MM ABC Soup mix - $7.99
If you plan to buy in large buckets, make sure you use regularly, or re-package. Also, you can get better prices in the fall sales for baking items if you can wait that long.
Go here for the newspaper ad at your nearest store.
updated 3/4/2009


  1. Thank you so much! I love your blog. It really helps me! Keep up the good work!

  2. Oh...sometimes I wish I lived in Utah.:)

    Country Cream powdered milk for only $9.99 per #10 can...sigh.


  3. What a wonderful website! thanks for posting this! Just wondering do you know about how long their caselot sale lasts?

    Cat Gailey


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