Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Macey's Grocery Store Case Lot Sale Update

I stopped by Macey's grocery store in Ogden, UT today and I talked with a very helpful manager. His store is already selling the Case Lot Products, even though the sale starts next Wednesday. I think my eyes popped out when I walked into the store because it's much bigger than the Clearfield store, and there were cases everywhere. I always like to think carefully about my purchases before I buy because 1) just because it says Case Lot doesn't always mean it is the lowest price, and 2) I want to look at my inventory at home to see what I really need or want so I don't impulse buy. Don't get me wrong, there are some GREAT deals. In Ogden they allow you to break a case if you don't want the whole thing and will still give you the case lot price!!! He said they know that some of the seniors don't want a whole case. The labels on the cases were great because they showed the Case Lot AND eaches prices. He was kind enough to give me the store ad since I was writing everything down by hand and would be posting prices. He said you can email them an order, and they will get it ready for you, but the price list is not on the website yet.
These are some of the best buys from Macey's Case Lot Sale ad. Can't post them all. See if other stores in your area are having case lot sales. Those items highlighted in red beat Sam's Club price.
Water: WF bottled water, 16.9 oz. - $2.99 24ct., .12 ea.
5 gallon water storage containers $3.99 (n/a)
Non-Perishable Food:
WF chili - $21.12 24 ct., .88 ea.
WF vegetables - $14.16 24 ct., .59 ea.
WF 29/30 oz. fruits - $15.00 12 ct., $1.25 ea. (n/a) Dick's market has these for .99
WF tomato/noodle soups - $11.28 24 ct., .47 ea.
Campbell's cream of mush/chick soup - $18.00 24 ct., .75 ea.
Progresso soup - $13.20 12 ct., $1.10 ea.
WF tomatoes - $14.16 ct., .59 ea.
WF 8 oz. tomato sauce - $12.00 48 ct., .25 ea. (n/a)
WF tuna - $32.64 48 ct., .68 ea.
WF refried beans - $16.56 24 ct., .69 ea.
WF beans, etc - $14.16 24 ct., .59 ea. (n/a)
Salad or Mayo dressing - $24.00 12 ct., $2.00 ea. (n/a)
WF macaroni & cheese - $8.00 24 ct., .33 ea.
WF peanut butter - $22.02 6 ct., $3.67 ea.
WF grape jelly - $20.00 12 ct., $1.67
WF 128 oz. pancake syrup - $22.68 4 ct., $5.67 ea.
WF 24 oz. ketchup - $10.68 12 ct., .89 ea.
WF 5 lb. honey - $65.94 6 ct., $10.99 ea.
WF 25 lb. sugar - $11.49 ea.
Spaghettios/Spaghetti - $12.00 24 ct., .50 ea. (n/a)
WF 26 oz. salt (iodized) - $10.08 24 ct., .42 ea. (n/a)
WF 42 oz. old fashioned oatmeal - $21.48 12 ct., $1.79 ea. (n/a)
WF cake mixes - $9.96 12 ct., .83 ea. (n/a)
WF 12 oz. evaporated milk - $18.00 24 ct., .75 ea.
Other Items You May Wish to Purchase:
#10 MM Dry Milk - $8.88
#10 MM Powdered Eggs - $18.99
#10 MM Powdered Butter - $15.99
#10 MM Powedered Margarine or Shortening - $10.99
#10 MM ABC Soup mix - $7.99
If you plan to buy in large buckets, make sure you use regularly, or re-package. Also, you can get better prices in the fall sales for baking items if you can wait that long.
Go here for the newspaper ad at your nearest store.
updated 3/4/2009

BOOK REVIEW: "Simple Recipes Using Food Storage"

Simple Recipes Using Food Storage by Cedar Fort, Inc., 2008
If you are new (or not new) to using food storage, you will love the basic tips in this great recipe book about cooking with long-term food storage items such as wheat, honey, beans and powdered milk. The first chapter starts out with recipes using only five basic ingredients: wheat, oil, salt, honey or sugar, and water.

Each chapter after that teaches you how to make recipes using a few more ingredients. You will understand the difference between instant and non-instant milk, how to use powdered butter and cheese, and even how to make your own baby formula.

Ever want to know why you need to store certain foods in your food storage? This book explains the basics. There is even a substitution list when you are missing an ingredient. Did you know you could make your own baking powder? Or pumpkin pie spice? I like the small size of this book and that it is spiral bound so that it lies flat. A great food storage resource you'll refer to again and again!

Monday, February 23, 2009

About Me

My family minus mission son

My interest in preparedness began in the 90's, but my memories of food storage go back further than that. I remember the canned food rotation shelf my wise father built in the coat closet growing up. And how natural it was for us kids to go there to get cans of food for meal preparation. I'm sure I was fascinated when we loaded the shelves because you could put a can in the top, and see it roll behind the other cans that were put in first. Amazing! My parents have been good examples of "Preparing Every Needful Thing." They taught me the importance of being careful with money, keeping your commitments and being obedient. I think growing up in a family of 8 was a great place to learn.

Now with my own family of nine, I have learned that being a wise steward with what God has given us is a way that we show our love for him. In times of economic or personal trials it is to him that I turn for strength and guidance, and he is always there to guide me. I am so thankful for the inspiration that comes as I ponder what I can share to help others with this blog. If my mind is blank, I don’t write. I have been blessed in so many ways, and my cup is overflowing.

Elder Albrechtsen towers over everyone.

I have 4 children living at home, a son away at college, a married daughter and son-in-law in college, and a son serving a mission in Lima, Peru. I deal with all aspects of mothering as I help our 7 children of varying ages from 5 to 24.

My love for writing began at Yorba Linda Jr. High when my English teacher, Mr. Blue, said I was a promising writer. Those junior high compliments go a long way. I wrote for my high school and college newspapers, and felt that if I could become a free-lance writer I would still be able to stay at home with my kids. Blogging is a great way to do that.

I created this blog as a way of letting my voice be heard about food storage, saving money, and emergency preparedness. Things I am fascinated with, but am in no way an expert on. However, I am an expert in the knowledge that preparedness brings great peace. My blog is a way to give back to my brothers and sisters in this world in my own small way. Even though I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I welcome people of all faiths to read and share on my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Keep the faith.

Valerie Albrechtsen

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shopping for Food Storage at Albertson's? Seeing is Believing

My sister-in-law, Lori, texted me yesterday, and told me to take advantage of a sale at Albertson's. So I sat down and looked in my coupon binder to see what I wanted and needed. Last night I shopped the Buy 10 of these specific items and get $10 back sale. Something new to me.

The cashier at Albertson's was awesome! Very patient. The key is if your nice, their nice. If you're organized, their happy. I'm glad I went at night so that I didn't annoy any other customers waiting in line, however most of the shoppers were in the store trying to take advantage of the same sale. I ran into a lady who had cases of Progresso soup in her basket, and LOTS of coupons. She shared all of her tips with me.

Since I wanted to apply the $10 coupons that night, this is the order I had to follow:
  • Before you get in line, divide your coupons into groups.
  • Put 10 of the specific sale items on the conveyor belt, and put that plastic divider behind that group
  • Hand the cashier any coupons for those items
  • Pay
  • Receive a $10 coupon
  • Repeat but give the cashier the $10 coupon and your additional coupons for your next group
  • The last group of items were not part of the 10 specific items in the sale, but also great bargain items recommended at
Everything I purchased was not for food storage, and some of it is snack-type items, but here's the list:
30 Progresso soups
12 Stagg Chili
5 boxes Nature Valley granola bars (buy 5 to get an additional coupon for $3.50 off)
12 Albertson's olives
3 Lucky Charms 16 oz. cereal
2 Lucky Charms 16 oz. cereal
4 BC muffin mix
6 BC brownie mix
5 BC fruit snacks (buy 5 to get an additional coupon for $3.50 off)
12 Hunts 29 oz. tomatoes
4 BC frostings
6 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
6 Dannon yogurts
5 Chex mix food bars
4 bags of chips

$334.63 Retail
-$143.96 Albertson's Preferred Savings
-$100.69 Coupons
-$5.49 Tax
$84.49 is what I paid! excluding tax

Let me help you understand how careful shopping pays off. I would have only gotten the items listed in green above at Sam's Club for $84.49

One advantage of shopping at a grocery store versus only shopping at warehouse stores like Sam's/Costco is the variety of food you can purchase. I was able to get the flavors that I wanted. Now don't get me wrong. I love my Sam's Club, but if your careful you can purchase and save elsewhere too.

FYI here is where I shop:

Smith's for most of my perishable items
Albertson's for a good sale if I can apply coupons
Sam's Club for bulk items listed at (Feb. 13 post)
LDS Cannery for grains and long-term storage items
Walgreen's for makeup, medicine, toothpaste see (Dec. 20 post)
Macey's for their Case Lot Sales, canned fruits, vegetables, beans, tomato goods, #10 can goods
WalMart, rarely (my feet hurt), but household, toiletries, socks, underwear, baking items
Kohl's, JC Penney and sometimes Old Navy for clothes from their clearance sales. I found myself a beautiful coat for $25 the other day at Kohl's, retailed $160.

Some of you are better shoppers than me for sure, but with seven children, and four at home I try to save where I can.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun Yet Inexpensive Tote Bags

Since I have gotten several compliments on my new tote bag, I have to share where I found it. The BYU Bookstore carries cute inexpensive tote bags for only $3.99! You can order online if you live far away. I love the price, and love the designs! I counted 31 designs online today, but I've seen more in the bookstore.

I love this style because it holds my planner, library books, etc. They have some cute designs for kids too which you could use as a church bag or music bag. I should get a commission for promoting these, but I don't. I have more than one because at this price you can enjoy so many options. A few years ago they were selling them at the BYU Women's Conference. By the way, I will be watching for the details of the conference program and will let you know if they have any preparedness classes April 30 & May 1.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pandemic Preparation

Just got an email from a friend regarding Pandemic preparation. I think it's important that we understand that this is something that will happen, and plan for it. The LDS Church has information and links at, here.

Also, if you would like to learn how to cough correctly to prevent the spread of germs, go to It's hilarious, but very helpful. Something we need to show our kids.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Announcing Macey's Case Lot Sale

Just called Macey's grocery store and they said their food storage Case Lot Sale will be

March 4th

The Ogden Macey's will be doing an early bird sale on some items starting February 23rd. You can pick up a list of case lot items at the customer service desk, fill it out, and place an order. They will pull items, have them ready for you, and will load them in your car. Exciting! Just have someone on the other end to help you unload.

Check a Macey's store in your area to see if the dates are the same.

Clearfield - 801-773-8700
Ogden - 801-392-1842

If you are following my food storage calendar on the sidebar, this is what we will be focusing on in March.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lessons from the Kentucky Ice Storms

As I've read articles about the recent ice storms in Kentucky (and other areas from Texas to Maine), Govenor Steve Beshear has called it "the biggest natural disaster that this state has ever experienced in modern history." Troops from the National Guard are going door to door in the entire Graves County area to determine how residents are doing. Even though this disaster is far from my doorstep, it is interesting what one can learn. Could I live without power for as much as two months, which is predicted in some areas? Do I have a relative willing to house us if we could get out?

And do we have equipment, fuel, clothing, and blankets to handle the cold? Some of the deaths that have occurred were because of an "improperly vented generator, and another person died after using a charcoal grill as a heater for the house."

We need to remember that it is dangerous to take generators and grills inside a home. More information on generator safety can be found in my January 5 post. Ten of the deaths were from carbon monoxide poisoning and at least nine others from hypothermia.

If you live in this area, please send me an email and share what lessons you have learned about disaster preparedness.