Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Handy Dandy Emergency Car Kit

Over the weekend the battery on my car decided to die. Daughter #3 and I were out shopping for daughter #2's birthday presents, so I was not excited to lose precious time. The warning signs were there earlier in the day: my car was hesitating when it would start up. I thought perhaps it would recharge with my around town driving. But alas. That was not the case. My husband was in a meeting, so we sat in the car in a store parking lot and waited for him to come.

I finally decided to ask someone for help. I told my daughter I would only ask a man that had kids with him for safety reasons. It was kind of hilarious as we sat there evaluating each driver that pulled into the parking lot. No . . . no . . . no . . . maybe.

Finally, a man pulled up next to us with a 12-year old son. I asked him for help and told him my husband was coming. He said he was sure he could jump my car. So he looked in the back of his car and those jumper cables that were supposed to be there had vanished. I said, "Well, I happen to have some in the back of my car." So, I pulled them out of my handy dandy car kit. The car engine was soon humming. I thanked him for his good deed, and he said that he needed to do a good deed that day.

This wasn't the first time I needed to use something out of my car kit. It's such a reassurance to have it in my car. The bag I use for my kit is an insulated soda can bag from WalMart. Red to signify emergency. Sometimes when I'm grocery shopping on a hot day and can't get home right away, I dump the emergency items out and put the frozen items in. A great help!

Items for my car kit:
Insulated bag
Water bottles
Food bars, etc.
Jumper cables
Blanket (regardless of the weather, it will help if someone is in shock)
Flashlight and batteries (Good thing I just checked because my batteries were dead)
Toilet paper roll
Work gloves
Plastic trash bags
Duct tape
Snow scraper

Other Useful Items I want to add:
Detailed Area Map
Whistle and small mirror
Pocket knife
Small toiletries
Good shoes (can you imagine walking 10 miles in heels?)
Paper towels
Extra batteries

If you have a story about how your emergency car kit helped you, please email it to me.


  1. You may want to consider putting a "Fix-A-Flat" bottle in your car. They come in aerosol cans that you can buy at Walmart. We had a flat tire one day out in the boonies of Kansas. When my husband pulled out our spare, it was we pulled out our "Fix-A-Flat" and fixed the spare. It was a life saver!

  2. Replace the flashlight with a Shakelight 60 model. No batteries needed. But make sure it's the Shakelight 60 and not just any of those cheap shake flashlights. carries the real thing. Just a happy customer of modernoutpost.

  3. I love the idea of using a cooler. The double use will be great. This is a great list to get me started. My husband was unable to get home from work a couple years ago during a winter storm and I would like to be prepared if this happens again.

  4. My husband took his emergency car kit out of his car to haul some other items in the trunk. That same day someone needed to use the jumper cables. Thinking he had them he opened his car, and realized his mistake. He put the kit back in the car after that experience.

  5. I taught a class for my ward here in Colorado last year, I prepared a flyer for the class with many of the same items. I found that I was able to pack most of the items in a rubbermaid container that was about 14"x20"x16" and fit nicely in the trunk of the car. Here is a link in case anyone else is interested: Winter Car Kit


Thanks for your comments and suggestions!