Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bulk Buying: Macey's Emergency Preparedness Sale

Macey's grocery store in Utah will be having an Emergency Preparedness (Food Storage) Sale starting this Wednesday, January 14 through January 27, 2009 - two weeks. I have a copy of the ad. The are selling many foods from Blue Chip Group, Inc. There is a handout from this company that lists food storage shelf life for their products. Very nice to know. They are already putting out pallets of food and said I could purchase at the sale prices.

5 gallon Plastic Storage Bucket w/lid - $2.99 (less than WalMart)
55 gallon blue water container - $39.99
#10 can Blue Chip whole eggs or egg mix - $14.99
45 lb. Blue Chip White Wheat or Red Wheat pail $19.99
16.4 oz. Dannon Spring Water - 2/$5.00 - that's 10 cents per bottle

Too much to list!


  1. Great blog. I appreciate all you have posted. I am trying to get my family prepared as well, and sometimes it is overwhelming. Great to be able to see someone else's ideas, etc.

  2. thanks so much for all this info! I made a blog for my ward that is specifically about where to buy preparedness items. Would it be ok if I used some of the info from your blog?


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